Coconut Papaya Grande W/ Lid

Coconut Papaya Grande W/ Lid

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Scent Type: Notes of Fresh Coconut, Mango Blossom, Paypaya

Seeking refuge from an unremitting heat wave under a rickety umbrella of cane, a delectable fruit drink was proffered as a form of solace. This concoction of pulpy, Sweet Ppapaya, Young White Peaches and Tropical Fruit, served almost frozen in the husk of a Coconut shell and surrounded by Tropical Flowers, sweetly perfumes every icy sip - creating an indelible memory that it is now the catalyst for a tropical refreshment known as VOLUSPA Coconut Papaya… Burn it to keep your cool.

Antique pressed glass conjures the age of jazz and luxurious metallic colors dress to impress. You’ll love using the jar for jewelry, flowers or decor long after the candle is gone.

Burn Time: ~100 Hours
Fill: 36 oz.
Dimensions: 5.51" D x 5.63" H