NN x Meredith Rodday

Meredith Rodday founded Meredith Rodday Designs, founded in 2016, “focuses on residential interior design and specializes in breathing new life into outdated or newly constructed spaces by adding a fresh and modern feel.” We are big fans of Meredith’s over here at Neatly Nested and love following her home renovations and refreshes via her Instagram, @viewfrommyheels
We partnered with Meredith to see how she would use and style Neatly Nested items in her own home. Head over to her Instagram for more information on our collaboration, and use her discount code Meredith15 for 15% off your Neatly Nested purchase!

Oyster Dish with Rings

It’s no surprise that Meredith grabbed our best selling Oyster Trinket Dish! We love the versatility of this item, which can be used as a decorative catch-all, a jewelry holder (like it is used here), a soap dish, or for real oysters.


Soap, dishcloth and oven mitt

Meredith styled some other kitchen favorites. The sailboat swedish dishcloth is a stylish and sustainable option, each cloth absorbs 20x its weight, replacing 17 rolls of paper towels. This lobster oven mitt is the perfect nautical edition to your kitchen. The lobster print is also available in a mug, table runner, and set of 4 dinner napkins. The Saltaire hand soap has notes of citrus, jasmine, and sweet wood with a touch of rich bamboo, delivering a spicy mineral scent that is reminiscent of being by the sea. 

You can find out more about Meredith Rodday from her website and blog, and her Instagram. Shop her selected items below, along with some similar products as well.

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