Vendor Spotlight: Boston Beaded

Boston Beaded is the small business behind one of Neatly Nested’s most popular items - the boston bracelets. The bracelets come in personalized styles, colors, and sizes. All of the bracelets are handmade in Boston, Massachusetts. In Nealty Nested you can find various styles such as ones that say 02127, East Coast, Boston, and Wifey.
I got the chance to catch up with Jacquline, the face and the brain behind Boston Beaded. Read below to learn more about Jacqueline, the business, and her inspiration.
Q: How would you describe Boston Beaded?
A: Boston Beaded was created to give customers an easy way to find fun, custom jewelry!
Q: When did you start the business?
A: The business was born in the quarantine! It started as a hobby and I figured there may be people looking for what I was making so it slowly turned into a business.
Q: What made you want to start your own business?
A: I have always had an entrepreneurial mindset and been drawn to creating a business. With Boston Beaded - I thought this fun hobby could turn into something more if I market what I’m doing online. It’s been a learning experience but overall it’s been a lot of fun!
Q: Where did the name come from?
A: I wanted to attract local people and businesses so I wanted to tie Boston into the name! Boston Beaded stuck.
Q: What is your favorite product right now?
A: I’m always searching for new beads and looking for new inspiration. I just got a bunch of new gold beads that are super shiny and great quality- right now my golden stacks are probably my fav!
Q: Pick 3 words to describe yourself!
A: Driven, creative, open minded
Q: Where do you get your inspo from?
A: Social media is an easy way to get inspiration each day. When I’m out and about, I’m always taking photos on my phone of colors I like, different designs I see, or things I want to make!
Q: What is your favorite part about the business?
A: I like connecting with new people on the account! I’ve met some really great people through the page- both customers and other small businesses.
Q: What is your main role in the everyday operations of the business?
A: Staying on top of orders, posting on social media, answering DMs, and sourcing new places to buy beads from!
Q: Where can people check you guys out?!
A: @BostonBeaded on Instagram & TikTok.

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