Vendor Spotlight: Mom + Dot

One of my favorite parts of owning Neatly Nested is searching for unique items to fill the store. As a small business owner, I love to work with other small businesses by choosing them as vendors for us. In honor of Mother’s Day coming up, I wanted to highlight Mom + Dot, a local card company owned by mother and daughter Kristen and Kelsey Keith. Not only do they provide Neatly Nested with some of our best selling cards, but Kelsey is also one of our longest standing employees. I got to catch up with the mother daughter duo and ask how Mom + Dot came to be.

Mom + Dot owners

Q: When did you guys start Mom + Dot?

A: We started sketching out designs in 2019.

Champagne Card


Q: Where did the name come from?
A: Kristen: "I always thought it would be fun to start a business with Kelsey and call it "mom and dot," as in mom and daughter. However, that's as far as we got initially."

Q: What made you want to start a card business?
A: Kristen: "Kelsey came up with the idea. She asked me to draw some things that could potentially be turned into cards, and now here we are! I also created a font out of my handwriting that Kelsey uses for the text."
Kristen writing

Q:  What is your favorite card right now?

A: Kristen: "I absolutely love the dinosaur. His smile cracks me up."

Kelsey: "I love both dinosaurs and the bundle of joy cards."


 Cards splayed out on table with flowers


Q: Pick 5 words to describe each other!

A: Kristen: "My words for Kelsey are: creative, energetic, talented, witty and persistent"

Kelsey: "My words for Kristen are: creative, determined, inspiring, ambitious, inventive"

Q:  Where do you get your inspo from?

A: We have a similar sense of humor and love for cute, tiny things, so most of our ideas stem from our own vision and collaboration. We create what speaks to us and hope our customers enjoy it!

Q:  Where can people check you guys out?!

A: We are so pleased to be at Neatly Nested in Southie and RSVP in Hingham, and stay tuned to see us at more local stores! Order inquiries can also be sent to or via our Facebook page (Mom and Dot).


Card in front of Neatly Nested store


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