Vendor Spotlight: NAT + NOOR

NAT + NOOR offers jewelry and accessories inspired by simplicity, authenticity, and quality. We are a big fan of the business here at Neatly Nested, and we’re currently selling a variety of NAT + NOOR’s earrings, as well as their new hair clips and claws (which are going fast, by the way). 

I got a chance to speak with their founder and creative director, Natalia!   


Q: How would you describe NAT + NOOR?

A: A jewelry and accessory brand dedicated to well made timeless pieces. A brand that seeks for intentionality in every aspect of the process. A brand dedicated to its customers needs and desires.
Woman wearing earrings
Q: When did you start the business?
A: August of 2019


Q: What made you want to start your own business?
A: I wanted to combine my passions for design and business. I have a Fine Arts degree but a passion for business. I wanted to see what I could create.
Q: Where did the name come from?
A: Nat is short for my name - Natalia. Noor means Light in Arabic - We love the idea of bringing light into all that we do at NAT + NOOR.
Q: What is your favorite product right now?
A: Gold Huggie Hoops In Blossom
Gold Blossom Huggie Hoops
( Gold Huggie Hoops In Blossom pictured here.)
Q: Pick 3 words to describe yourself!
A: Creative, Passionate and Organized :)
Q: Where/who do you get your inspiration from?
A: So many places! Other amazing brands, podcasts, other business owners, artists, designers, Pinterest!
Q: What is your favorite part about the business?
A: I love seeing something grow. I love when customers love our products and use them!
Woman wearing earrings
Q: What is your main role in the everyday operations of the business?
A: A little bit of everything! Operations is a good word to describe the day to day.
NAT + NOOR's products at Neatly Nested are linked below. You can also check them out on their website and on Instagram.

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