How We Style Our Products

When you work at Neatly Nested it is pretty hard to resist all of the home décor, candles, and pillows! Every shift tempts you to buy something new as we are putting out new products daily. This week I got a chance to interview Kelsey, one of our wonderful employees at Neatly Nested, and found out how she styled our décor in her home!

The moment Kelsey knew she would be moving into an apartment with her boyfriend she started concepting how she wanted to style it, and naturally she started collecting pieces from Neatly Nested.

Kelsey said, “It was hard to resist swiping your card when working weekends at Neatly Nested. So many beautiful items come through the store, many of which formed the statement pieces in each room of my home. I fell in love with the purple Indaba pillows that now line our bed when we got those in store. I knew my boyfriend was bringing a dark wood bed set so I thought they’d pair well. Soon after that we got the Indaba rug in stock and it was a perfect fit.”

“My initial plan for our living room was actually to use most of the decor in our current dining room. However, when we moved in the room had dark wood that we couldn’t paint over. So I shifted my thinking and realized all the gold, blue, and white product I’d planned for worked perfectly in the already blue and white dining room."
"Our couch wasn’t delivered for 2-3 months after moving in and I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. However I already had some white furniture we’d be using and then one day when I was peeking around the store I saw a white wicker trunk that would make the perfect coffee table. In the end I loved how everything came together. The elephant book ends and gold sun mirror really match the aesthetic and it turned into a very zen cozy space. Not to mention come Christmas time we got an adorable tall skinny tree that I covered mainly in felt ornaments from Neatly Nested. I can’t wait to put it up again this year (and undoubtably grow my Christmas decor collection).” 

“My favorite part about my living and dinning room is although they’re very different they still have some of the same pieces tying them together. Gold accents and the white marble frames (that I was so obsessed with I kept buying throughout multiple shifts until they finally sold out) are present in both spaces. And the white trim and dark furniture in the dining room compliment the dark trim and white furniture in the living room."
“The best part about what I’ve bought while working at Neatly is it’s all great quality and versatile. I bought almost everything ahead of time without knowing what my apartment would look like (risky, I know) and it all worked out amazingly. The wicker trunk is my coffee table now, but could be a toy chest or guest bedroom storage somewhere down the line. All the styles can be mixed and matched to create a variety of different aesthetics. Seeing all the new products come through and how customers and employees style them is such a joy. Neatly really is such a community of inspiration and full of unique ideas. Southie is lucky to have it!”